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cet????? this is what i get in the terminal i have ubuntu server and i'm trying to configure iptables. the thing is, that i have a user with sudo access, that has the remote host i want to block on iptables. he can only ping and ssh thepirat, your problem seems to be this: thanks pavlos pavlos, what do i do with this thepirat, looks like he is using wgusb to connect to the usb i've tried sudo /sbin/iptables -A INPUT -i eth0 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 22 -j DROP but doesn't work thepirat, download the patch mentioned and apply it :| pavlos, k so anybody here have experience with iptables? krzd: the first option is pretty much the easiest way to block incoming ssh connections, and I'm not entirely certain that a custom-written rule will work at all... apetresc: I want to block incoming connections for a specific user. isn't it possible to block it globally? I don't know of any options for only blocking certain users in the way that you're describing but you could always write a script to parse your auth.log apetresc: I tried to google it and look for the ip's or hostnames of the connections you're interested in pavlos, which patch should i apply and then drop them in a list somewhere, and have your script run through the list i need to search for this ip in auth.log first.. or do you have a script example for that? i can add the rule to the filter table, but i need to have a list to search through




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Wincc Flexible 2008 Crack audrclar

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